Gentle Beginner Yoga Course

I currently do not have a Beginner Course scheduled. If you are a beginner, and are interested, please call or email me.

The best place to begin is at the beginning! 🙂
This Course is designed for the absolute beginner who is seeking a gentle practice, seniors wishing to stay active, or anyone with an ongoing health issue or recovering from an illness or injury; or it’s for folks who have drifted away from their practice and wish to review and resume a gentle one. A key feature of this Course is how to adapt and modify sequences and postures for different health conditions.
Upon completion of this Course, you may smoothly enter into one of the other ongoing (Monday / Friday morning) Gentle classes.Pano-LEGS-UP-in-class_edited_2Description:
∞ a comprehensive course covering the fundamentals of Yoga
∞ safe, mindful, breath-centered postures and sequences
∞ emphasis on gentle (with some intermediate options)
∞ extensive use of adaptations (especially for those with injuries or conditions)
∞ relaxation, stress reduction, and concentration techniques
∞ breathing practices and techniques
∞ practical applications of yogic philosophy and teachings
∞ detailed information about alignment, benefits
Location: xx
Cost: $xx   (and sliding scale is available for lower income folks)
Registration: Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to register.