Class Description


Please contact me to discuss the practice that may serve you best.  I am very happy to speak to anyone considering trying a practice. Practices include:

  • themes, for eg. lower back, digestion, pelvic floor, depression, off-the-mat yoga practices. Themes evolve, and help us understand the breadth of what “yoga” is.
  • breath-centered postures and sequences
  • practices that improve our balance, make us stronger, more flexible, centered, relaxed
  • variations and adaptations (for eg. for those with injuries or conditions, such as a shoulder injury; low energy; hip, wrist or balance issues)
  • an educational component (eg. alignment, benefits, “the why”)
  • opportunites for discussion, to share & learn from each other; to ask questions
  • breathing practices; concentration and relaxation techniques; lifestyle considerations; important traditional yogic teachings brought into the modern context
  • sequencing informed by the Krishnamacharya / Desikachar / Viniyoga tradition
  • restoratives (calming, supported postures), for latter portion of practice