“…I highly recommend Daniel as a safe and trust-worthy teacher for anyone with a history of injury…” Susan, retired physiotherapist

“The breath work I’m learning each week is so calming and rejuvenating. I need this education. It improves my focus in all the poses. I love these classes.” Carol

“I’ve been practicing yoga for 17 years and Daniel is the best instructor I have ever had” Valerie.

“…excellent at providing modifications…” Mary Jane, Physiotherapist, Instructor at Queen’s University School of Rehabilitation

“…great attention to detail and movement patternsensures a safe practice for everyone…” Penny, Registered Massage Therapist

“Nine years ago I had a hip replacement. After surgery, as soon as I was able to, I went to Daniel for a practice to increase my hip strength, flexibility and mobility. He created one that was easy to do on my own. There was a follow-up session to cover any concerns or questions. I have continued that practice ever since — for 9 years — and it has stood me in good stead. People don’t know I’ve had a hip replacement unless I tell them. Then COVID hit and I developed a back problem. I returned to Daniel, and he devised a practice — which included lifestyle considerations — that has reduced the discomfort quickly. Daniel is very knowledgeable, thorough and careful. His attention to detail is impressive. He answers questions clearly and is quick to share his extensive knowledge. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you, Daniel.” Melanie

“…inspiringthe best instructiondeep calm I feel at the end of every class…” Paula, retired physiotherapist, Kingston

Daniel’s yoga classes are exceptional. Well-explained, caring, thorough, effective.” Joe, Kingston

“…this class is so wonderfully breath-centered… it has really improved my mental and emotional health.” Kathryn, Kingston

“He is absolutely EXCELLENT! I have a lot of yoga experience – he’s a top quality instructor…” Marilyn, Kingstonyoga promo pic chickadee 2011 cropped“Your Gentle yoga class this week really helped my sore hip. I’m astounded and very pleased.” Ina, Kingston

“I love how breath-centred this practice is… This [Krishnamacharya / viniyoga] tradition  has so much wisdom – the wisdom in sequencing, wisdom in adapting breath, wisdom in how to refine postures to serve the individual the best.” Sue, Kingston

My private yoga sessions with Daniel have made me confident that I am on the right path to wellness.  He customized a personalized practice for me that takes into account my preferences and my body’s weaknesses and strengths, and encourages me to contact him with questions.  His personal attention and wealth of knowledge, as well as his calm, supportive guidance have me finally sticking with a yoga practice – that continues to evolve as I continue to meet with him — that is perfectly suited for me.  Thanks Daniel!”  Laurene, Bowmanville

“For years I would regularly — usually once per month — have to go to my chiropractor. Eleven months ago I started going to Daniel’s classes once per week, AND it’s eleven months since I’ve seen my chiropractor!! Feeling very grateful.” Janet

After class comment: “I feel like I have had a mental massage.” Muriel, Kingston

“I’m grateful that you brought to my awareness my dysfunctional movement patterns.  With these refinements, my upper / lower back and neck feel much better.” Dave, Kingston

“This class is great for my body. It’s even better for my mind.” Diane, KingstonReins-Yoga-Mat croppedI can’t believe how great my back felt after doing the home practice you gave me.” Cheri, Nepean

It was recommended to me through the medical community that I start to participate in yoga to help relieve the back and nerve pain I was experiencing from a severe, multiple back injury.  I started to research my options and the buzz word for qualified, informed instructors kept coming up Daniel Adam. I started with Daniel’s beginner course but I must admit with some reservations on what the results could or might be. I have a clinical background and am impressed with the amount of anatomy and physiology knowledge Daniel has. Daniel not only has the years of experience to bring to his practice, he also can guide you with an accurate understanding of what you are doing and how it is benefiting your body as a whole system. Daniel’s instruction is very easy to follow and if needed he will gently guide you in correcting your postures without making you feel uncomfortable.  One year later I am still participating in Daniel’s classes and am able to do things that one year ago seemed impossible.  Thank you Daniel.  Susan , Kingston

“While I have practiced with many instructors over the years, it is only when I practice with Daniel that I always feel like ‘a brand-new woman’ after class.” Sarah, Kingston

“I went to my Doctor for a regular check-up. While doing a routine check-up with a stethoscope, he exclaimed: ‘Wow!!! Your breath is so much stronger than before! Are you doing breathing exercises?!!’ I said ‘Actually, I’m doing breath-centred yoga with Daniel Adam.’” Sharon, KingstonDaniel-with-Maple-and-Pine“… a wonderful instructor … I’m learning lots… gentle very effective adjustments … after class I always feel centered, relaxed, and refreshed … like I have had my spirit-mind-body-soul massaged!!highly recommended… ” Lori, Kingston

Going to your yoga every week has made a big difference in my ability to concentrate – from the gym to the classroom. I’m amazed at how much my flexibility has improved since my first yoga class.  And the breathing and concentration techniques I’ve learned have made a big difference in my running.”  Sara, Kingston

“Because I’ve been doing the home practice sequence you gave me, I’ve been able to do, and enjoy, simple things like yard work again – which I’ve been unable to do for years. I’m grateful for your transmission of this wisdom.” Chris, Kingston

“Gratitude for your continued commitment to us.” Susan, Sharbot LakeDaniel-Dandelions-Feet-together-[banner]“The short home practice you gave me has truly made such a difference in my life. The low back issues I suffered for years really compromised my ability to enjoy life. After seeing another health care practitioner for 4 years without any progress, and spending a lot of money, I had almost given up hope. With you, however, my back started to feel better almost immediately. I can’t thank you enough, Daniel, for helping improve the health of my lower back and therefore the quality of my life.  I continue to be committed to doing the short home practice sequence every evening. Thanks for giving me these self-care skills.” Mark, Kingston

“It’s pretty amazing how much my flexibility has improved over such a short time.” Roxanne, Westport

“After coming to you privately for upper back and shoulder pain and doing the short sequence you gave me I find it amazing how much my pain-free range of movement has increased in my arms and shoulders.” And, years later: “… my back has not bothered me in years thanks to you.” Leslie, Fitness and Health Specialist, Kingston

Da hat seated cast croppedDaniel stands out among instructors in his ability to make the difficult simple. He has a mature, patient and well-paced teaching style. He is adept at surveying a class with a discerning eye and staying in tune with participants. Indeed his focus and attention are notable. He demonstrates postures with ease, and is clearly an advanced practitioner of yoga asana. He readily and regularly offers alternative postures that are either more or less challenging, so that all participants are attended to. He offers instruction in a safe, encouraging, and supportive manner. His classes are energetic, and well paced, while allowing for deep relaxation. He is quite approachable, and encourages practitioners to ask questions as needed. He is quite relaxed, and interacts with people in an open and unhurried manner. In my opinion Daniel is among the top 5 % of yoga instructors I have had the pleasure of working with.” Regina, Kingston

“My personal home practise you gave me is going well, I’m going slower and concentrating on the breathing, making it more meditative … My back is not a problem any more…. I am aware of how sitting should be and I’m generally sitting up straight.” Ina, Kingston

smooth stones_edited_2He is brilliant. Very clear instructions, soothing well-modulated voice, nice sense of humour, always refers us back to within ourselves … best 1 ¼ hours of the week …” Kim, Kingston

“I find Daniel’s approach to connecting mind and body to be one of gentle and gradual persuasion into love and understanding for the wholeness in us all. Kindly and softly guiding us through the moves, his voice induces mindfulness, peace, and a general feeling of restoration and renewal. Thank you for all this, and for your continuing commitment.” Adriana, Kingston

“Daniel is a fabulous instructor.” Tom, Kingston

“I have been practicing yoga for about 6 years with Daniel. While I have practiced with other instructors, I find Daniel’s emphasis on gentle movements with proper breathing to be very effective, and is the best fit for my needs. My practice has given me overall body strength and flexibility.
Also, because of my yoga practice, I visit my chiropractor much less frequently, based on health, rather than pain or injury.  The most dramatic change, which I know is due to yoga with Daniel, has been with my breathing. I have had long-standing respiratory issues, which made a rather sudden, positive improvement after a few months of practice. This improvement has continued with even further gains. I highly recommend Daniel’s classes to anyone contemplating involvement in yoga.” Faye, Glenburnie

Da legs cast kayaks“I have the utmost respect for Daniel and his teaching and I believe he is an excellent instructor. He conducts himself professionally and has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Clients find him very approachable and very respectful. The compassion, care and attention he puts into his classes are outstanding.  His past, and continuing, professional training and development further demonstrate his dedication and commitment.  I highly recommend him.”  Blair, Kingston

“I really enjoy your class — very calming and grounding.” Iris, Kingston

“The class has really helped change my perspective in many ways. It has literally given me a “new outlook” on several aspects of my life…. I’m now engaged in a practice of simple observation and acceptance… I’ve become a better listener …my yoga practice is with me all day through … I’ve learned that quiet unassuming teachers can be incredible disciplinarians. I love that! … I’ve learned that surrendering to my body’s condition and going to my class despite what I may look (or sound) like … was a very good thing for my soul. My ego needed that tweaking … It’s quite hard to end the benefit list. I hope you realize how wonderful it is to have you for a teacher! You are so accepting, patient and kind. Your way of being invites us to bring those qualities into our own lives” Mary, Westport

“He is a wonderful instructor – very careful and thoughtful – leads an excellent class…” Tim, Kingston

“Thank you Daniel for your commitment to excellence in your yoga teaching …” Angela, Kingston